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Возврат 78 932 р

Idt65fr3y5 (26.06.2022 21:22:02)
Прихoд 104 521 р
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Anniecorgo (26.06.2022 18:45:11)
Our business is expanding so we are in the need for more remote workers.

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Rate: $0.50 per minute ($30 per hour)

Skills/background needed:
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- Be able to work independently.
- Ability to closely follow provided steps and instructions.

Reliable internet connection.

Hours per week: Flexible

Location: Remote work online (preferred)

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Nathansuepe (26.06.2022 08:23:19)
Our service is increasing so we remain in the need for more remote employees.

What you will certainly be doing: As a real-time chat aide you will be paid to respond to live conversation messages on a service's internet site or social accounts.

This consists of:

- answering client concerns,
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Complete training is given so you do not need any type of previous relevant experience. Agreement length: No fixed term

Price: $0.50 for each min ($ 30 per hour).

Skills/background required:.
- Have to have a machine able to gain access to social as well as site chat functions (Phone/Tablet/Laptop).
- Have the ability to work individually.
- Capacity to carefully adhere to given actions and also directions.

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Area: Remote work online (favored).

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